Correction and Note

The 1933 Giants were not, in fact, the worst-hitting double-play combo to ever win a World Series, though they come in second. In fact, the 1916 Red Sox with 2B Jack Barry's 51 OPS+ and SS Everett Scott's 73 OPS+ averaging a 62, slightly worse than the Giants.

Out of curiosity, I found that the 1948 Indians had the best-hitting double-play combo of all World Series winners, with 2B Joe Gordon's 134 and SS Lou Boudreau's 164.

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Steve B. said...

Perennial All-Star, possible Hall of Fame snub, and MVP candidate Joe Gordon appears somewhat higher on this list. That Gordon-Boudreau 2B-SS combo is, after Trammell and Whitaker, possibly the second-best combo of all time if you count mostly by how good the second-best guy is and only count guys who played together for a while.